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The Internet Language

Emoji Language of the Internet, is a web's lingua franca of visual communication using Emoji. Its a picture or symbol (logo/ideograph) based written language, spoken with current native languages.

Emojigraphy as visual communication of modern age, we write and read using Emojigraphy, then we speak Emojigraphy using our mother language.
So in a short, we can't speak Emojigraphy to other people of different languages. Because there is no phonetic yet for each Emoji.

This concept is the same with Chinese language. The written Chinese language is using Kanji (ideograph) characters, and the spoken Chinese language is using Mandarin.

Kanji can be understood by all people of different tribes or ethnics in China, but each tribe and ethnic speak or pronounce the Kanji using their native local dialect. Each dialect have different pronounciation so people from example the Northern/Western region still have difficulties to understand peoples from Southern/Eastern region when they speak to each other.

As we know Japanese also understand Kanji, and in the past Korean and Vietnamese understand it as well.

Using the same analogy, Emojigraphy can be used as International Language by people from different languages.

International Language

Emojigraphy is the first International Language intended to be used by peoples from all native languages.

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Emoji Language Revolution

Join us in this exciting journey of new International Language!

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