Emoji Language
Universal Language


The Internet Language


In the beginning, we use Emoji just like anybody else, as an expression in our communication. Then, somehow, there are more Emojis created, from everyday food, transport, activities, etc

As Emojis for everyday topic become more available, we realize we can use more and more Emojis, and the arrangement of Emojis has a meaning.

The problem is, there is no definitive meaning to these group of Emojis. What we have written can have different meaning by someone else. This is not right. It has to have the same meaning (more or less) for all people.

Some people try to translate few articles into Emoji, and its using their own interpretation. The result? not impress us to follow.


Smile Emoji that we always love

With humble beginning, we start to think how we can communicate more consistently using Emoji. It needs something, a system to arrange these Emojis in proper pattern. Once we were able to describe grammars, we knew we can make it, then the Emojigraphy was born.

―Emojigraphy Team