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Emojigraphy 絵文字語 えもじ ご Lenguaje Emoji 이모티콘어 is the first emoji language intended to be used by people with different native languages. It is the web's lingua franca of visual communication using emojis in the modern age. As a logo- or picture-based (ideograph) written language, we write and read using Emojigraphy. Then we speak Emojigraphy using our mother language.

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"Emojigraphy is fascinating and takes the idea of emoji images or icons to a new and exciting level... I could see how simply Emojigraphy would be able to break down the barriers of language throughout the world and become an international language."
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Emojigraphy Basic book explains emoji grammar in detail.
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Ippy Awards 2019 Bronze Medal

Emojigraphy Basic is the
Bronze Medal winner of 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards) in Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book category.

Emoji Language Revolution

"36% of millennials ages 18 to 34 who use 'visual expressions' such as emojis, GIFs and stickers say that those images better communicate their thoughts and feelings than words do."
~Tenor Survey

"By 2021, 53.7% of the population will use the internet, equating to 4.14 billion people."
~eMarketer Report

Would you like to communicate with 4.14 billion people AT ONCE ?

Join us in this exciting journey of new international language!

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